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Specialist Subjects

Physical Education
This subject focuses on the importance of being physically active in conjunction with living a healthy lifestyle. It encourages the participation in many forms of physical activity and the development of motor skills, movement competence, physical fitness and sport education.

Students in Grade P-6 participate in one 45-60 minute lesson each week with Mrs Leah Simpson, as well as regular morning fitness sessions and a weekly afternoon sport activity for Grades 3-6.

Students progress from being able to perform a range of basic motor skills and minor games involving simple rules, to the performance of complex movement patterns, major games and team strategies. The main focus of each lesson is on skill development, building positive relationships and learning to work as part of a team.

Through participation in minor and major games they begin to understand the concept of fair play, respect for officials and the need for rules and safety procedures.

science is fun!

All students in Grade P-6 receive one 60 minute science lesson per week with Brad Johnson. Children are encouraged to be curious about the world we live in and beyond. Most sessions involve ‘hands on’ investigations and simple experiments designed to stimulate their natural curiosity, wonder and questioning about their world.

The four main areas of investigation are:

  • Life Science and the Environment
  • Physical/Chemical Science - properties of substances, energy and forces
  • Earth Science - structure and atmosphere
  • Space Science - our solar system and the universe

Through the development of science knowledge and their own experimentation, it is hoped that students can gain some insight into how science and technology is used both now and in the future, in all aspects of their lives and in the workplace.

celebration of quality work

Visual Arts
The Visual Arts program at Eagle Point Primary encourages all children to explore their creative minds. It engages students in critical and creative thinking and helps them to understand and explore themselves and the world around them. The students begin to identify and describe social, emotional, cultural and historical contexts expressed in their own and the art of others. The program allows the students to express their own thoughts and ideas using a variety of techniques, and it encourages them to recognise the power the visual image can play in their lives.

Students in Grade P-6 participate in one 60 minute lesson each week with Gabo Cameron-Crisp .

Standards in the Visual Arts domain are organised into four dimensions:

  • Explore and Express Ideas
  • Visual Arts Practices
  • Present and Perform
  • Respond and Interpret

'Every child is an artist'

    - by Pablo Picasso

Performing Arts
The Performing Arts program at Eagle Point is run by Miss Meagan Bradbury and includes a combination of music, dance and drama.  Students receive one 60 minute lesson per week. Games, songs, listening activities, playing musical instruments, improvisation, performance, collaborative group work and movement activities are used to develop the elements of performing arts, to create, respond and grow in confidence. 

Term four is 'Concert Term' where each class performs a song and dance routine at the Boucher Hall in December. 

Auslan (Australian Sign Language)
At Eagle Point Primary School we have classes learning Auslan with Rosette Busch.  Auslan is the language of the deaf community in Australia.

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Acknowledgement of Country

We would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which Eagle Point Primary School stands, the Gunai Kurnai People, and pay our respects to the Elders - past, present and future - for they hold the hopes, dreams and aspirations of all Indigenous Australians.

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