Student Leadership

At Eagle Point Primary School, we are focusing on developing a strong leadership program that improves student’s abilities to be confident members of the school community and the wider world they live in. We are continually developing our program that fosters students’ leadership skills through formals programs and practical leadership experiences. This approach recognises that students can be leaders across many different areas, and that leadership skills learnt in primary school can lay the foundations for future leadership opportunities.

Opportunities for student leadership occur through involvement in Junior School Council (JCS) and the School and House Captain Leadership team (GRYB team).

Our JSC offers leadership opportunities from Foundation to Year 6. Students from each class are elected by their classmates and attend JSC meetings. The JSC is lead by the Year 6 School Captains and a liaison staff member.

 Our GRYB team plans and facilitates a variety of activities throughout the year such as planning and running harmony and reconciliation day activities for the whole school or running a variety of sporting events.  They are encouraged to demonstrate leadership qualities throughout the year, and participate in professional learning to assist the development of these qualities.