Specialist Subjects

Physical Education

This subject focuses on the importance of being physically active in conjunction with living a healthy lifestyle. It encourages the participation in many forms of physical activity and the development of motor skills, movement competence, physical fitness and sport education.

Students in Grade P-6 participate in one 45-60 minute lesson each week with Leah Simpson, as well as regular morning fitness sessions and a weekly afternoon sport activity for Grades 3-6.

Students progress from being able to perform a range of basic motor skills and minor games involving simple rules, to the performance of complex movement patterns, major games and team strategies. The main focus of each lesson is on skill development, building positive relationships and learning to work as part of a team.

Through participation in minor and major games they begin to understand the concept of fair play, respect for officials and the need for rules and safety procedures.


All students in Grade P-6 receive one 60 minute science lesson per week with Odile Oliver. Children are encouraged to be curious about the world we live in and beyond. Most sessions involve ‘hands on’ investigations and simple experiments designed to stimulate their natural curiosity, wonder and questioning about their world.

The four main areas of investigation are Life Science and the Environment, Physical/Chemical Science- properties of substances, energy and forces, Earth Science- structure and atmosphere and Space Science- our solar system and the universe.

Through the development of science knowledge and their own experimentation, it is hoped that students can gain some insight into how science and technology is used both now and in the future, in all aspects of their lives and in the workplace.

Social Skills

All Students P-6 undertake weekly Social Skill sessions with Tracey Buckwell. Social Skills focuses on the Victorian Curriculum’s Personal and Social Capability. Lessons focus on enabling students to understand themselves and others, and manage their relationships, lives, work and learning more effectively. The capability involves students learning to recognise and regulate emotions, develop empathy for others and understand relationships, establish and build a framework for positive relationships, work effectively in teams and develop leadership skills, and handle challenging situations constructively.