Room 7

Our Teacher

Mrs Natalie Clarke

About Our Class

Welcome to the Grade 2 at Eagle Point Primary School. The Grade 2 class consists of 22 students and Mrs. Clarke is the teacher. At Eagle Point Primary School our students are fortunate to experience many interesting learning opportunities. Not only are they provided a curriculum that is needs fulfilling, engaging and targets their individual level, they have opportunities to be a part of a ‘Quality’ classroom and develop as a whole child. Each week the students in our Grade visit the Art room, Science Room with Mrs Gilbert and have fun in Physical Education with Mrs Simpson. We see our classroom as a happy, supportive, challenging learning environment where students are able to explore, be creative and achieve success. As a class we will decide on some Expectations that are based around our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Care, Commitment and Inclusiveness that encompass our school rights, ‘Every child has the right to Learn, Be Safe, Belong, Have Fun. These Expectations will guide us in our classroom to be the best learners and community members we can be. The students will be learning how to become independent, self motivated, driven learners. This will include them learning how to take responsibility for their learning, choices and making opportunities for themselves. It is an expectation that all grade 2 students will complete home learning tasks daily. This will include nightly reading, including reading words, spelling practice. Grade 2 is an extremely exciting year! The students get to experience their first camp (a sleep over at school) and also attend an excursion to either Cape Conran, Buchan Caves orThe Melbourne Zoo. To begin the year, our BIG focus is for students to feel comfortable in their new environment, build relationships with new students and re-connect with old friends, learn to work together and settle in. Wishing you all a wonderful new year and I am looking forward to working together and enjoying the learning, challenges and of course fun along the way! Feel free to drop in anytime, we love visitors and extra helpers!

Mrs Natalie Clarke Grade 2 Teacher