Room 3

Our Teacher

Miss Meagan Bradbury

About Our Class

Welcome to Room 3 at Eagle Point Primary School! Meagan Bradbury is our teacher and Julie Bills is our aide. We are very lucky to have a lovely class of 25 students.

Our classroom is a happy, supportive, challenging learning environment where students are able to explore, be creative and achieve success. As a class we have expectations that are based around our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Care and Commitment.

These expectations guide us in our classroom to be the best learners and people we can be. In addition to this we have a focus on quality work. Students develop a list of ideas of what quality work is, based around what the word ‘QUALITY’ means to them.

The students in Room 3 complete homework tasks each week. This consists of daily reading, spelling words and other Literacy and Maths activities that directly relate to what they are doing in class at the time. Quite often this is not a worksheet but a chance for the students to research, discuss and brainstorm with family members.

This term we will be working on classroom rountines and expectations. We will be working on individual learning goals in Reading, in Writing we will be working on writing Memoirs. In Spelling, we will be focusing on spelling all of the 300 most commonly used words, 500 Oxford words and continuing with our whole school Soundwaves Program. In Mathematics, we will be focusing on place value and problem solving.

Remember the door is always open!

Meagan Bradbury

Grade 3/4 Teacher