Eagle Point Primary School (No. 3215) Was Established In 1894.

It is a rural school situated in the township of Eagle Point between Bairnsdale and Paynesville in a picturesque setting overlooking Lake King, one of the Gippsland lakes. Many of the families of children attending this school work in Bairnsdale that has a population of approximately 13,000 people. It is a short, scenic drive of 10km along the Mitchell River. Our school offers an alternative to the larger schools in the district for parents who appreciate the advantages of a rural school.

The current enrolment is 128 children. We run seven classrooms, Room1 (P/1), Room 2 (P/1), Room 3 (5/6), Room 4 (5/6), Room 5 (2/3/4), Room 6 (2/3/4) Room 7 (2/3/4). Children are positioned in classrooms to best suit their needs and placed with teachers accordingly. All rooms are supported by Education Support Offices to support the classroom teacher meeting the needs of all children. The specialists areas provided are Physical Education, Science and Social Skills. We have support programs offering an Oral Language Program, Reading Assistance Program, Soundwaves (Foundation to 6), Special Friends Program, Buddies, Clubs, Early Learning Playgroup and School Chaplain.

The central focus of the school is to cater for the individual needs of all students, providing them with sound and challenging experiences in a secure and supportive environment. The school promotes the principles of equity and ensures that all children are able to access all aspects of the curriculum. Our school is an inclusive school and values the difference of others and acceptance of all. Our philosophy is that all of our students have the right to learn, to belong, to be safe and have fun. This expectation is becoming ingrained in all of our students and teachers, with our parents developing further understanding over time. We have four values of responsibility, commitment, care and respect that our school demonstrates.

Our teaching philosophy is that teachers will know their students academically, know where they are at, know what needs to be taught next and assess/monitor students’ progress. The school offers a sequential program according to the Victorian Curriculum. Teachers plan for a differientiated curriculum honing in on the needs of their students. Teachers are supported by professional development, coaching and team planning. Teachers generally teach explicitly in literacy and maths, setting targets twice a year. The staff have been exploring the introduction of problem solving in Mathematics and developing our students to think mathematically.

Our school strives for success through using the approach of ‘Choice Theory ‘developed by William Glasser. Teachers have been extensively trained in this approach which centres on authentic relationships, knowing and meeting the needs of individuals and understanding that each person has a quality world that differs to their own. Our students are developing understandings that every action is chosen, consequences occur because of their actions. In the classroom students strive for quality in their work. Our students have begun to identify quality work and verbalise why they believe it is so. Celebration of quality work occurs at our Friday afternoon assemblies.

Eagle Point Primary School children are given the opportunity for greater social interaction by participating in larger group activities such as athletics, winter sports, group days and camps. This interaction aids transition to Secondary School and the teachers benefit from the collaboration with colleagues via joint professional development programs.

Most children attending Eagle Point Primary School will further their education by going onto either Bairnsdale Secondary College or Nagle College. The school consists of two new educational facilities provided by the Victorian State Government & Federal Government. Our top building houses four learning studios surrounding a large project space and open learning area and an administration area. The lower building is the Middle School Block where our grade 2/3/4 students work. It also has an open learning area and art/science room.

These buildings are set in spacious and well-maintained grounds. A large flat grassed area, a sealed playing surface under roof, a covered basketball court, rebound wall and playground equipment enhance the playground.

Over recent years enrolments have steadily risen. An active School Council backed by strong parent community support is meeting the challenge of the continuing growth. The development of facilities including additional play ground and practical facilities is ongoing. We have networked computer/ipad facilities with wireless connections providing student access to Internet and desktop publishing tools. Computer to student ratio is relatively high ensuring technology access for all students. Interactive whiteboards are in all classrooms with teachers using these to support classroom learning.

Eagle Point Primary School is strongly supported by the community both in and out of the classroom. This ongoing support contributes to the friendly tone of the school and plays a large part in the positive manner in which the staff, students and wider community interacts.

Eagle Point will continue to emphasise the development of literacy and numeracy skills. Our focus will be to use the Victorian Curriculum Standards and the extension of literacy and numeracy resources.