Eagle Point Primary School (No. 3215) Was Established In 1894. It is a rural school situated in the township of Eagle Point between Bairnsdale and Paynesville in a picturesque setting overlooking Lake King, one of the Gippsland lakes. The current enrolment is 141 children. The school services families from Bairnsdale, Eagle Point, Paynesville, Newlands Arm, and the surrounding rural area. Many of the families of children attending this school work in Bairnsdale and Paynesville which has a combined population of approximately 20,000 people. Eagle Point is a short, scenic drive of 10km along the Mitchell River to Bairnsdale. Our school offers an alternative to the larger schools in the district for parents who appreciate the advantages of a rural school.

Our classrooms are largely composites, composed to best suit the needs of students. In 2019, we have 7 classrooms- Foundation/1, Foundation/1, Grade 2/3, Grade 2/3, Grade 4/5, Grade 4/5 and Grade 5/6. Teachers and Education Support Officers are placed to ensure we support those needs. The specialists areas provided are Physical Education, Art, Science, German and Performing Arts. We have support programs offering an Oral Language Program, Reading Assistance Program, Soundwaves (Foundation to 6), Special Friends Program, Buddies, Clubs, Early Learning Playgroup and a School Chaplain.

Our school strives for success through using the approach of ‘Choice Theory’ developed by William Glasser. Teachers have been extensively trained in this approach which centres on authentic relationships, knowing and meeting the needs of individuals and understanding that each person has a quality world that differs to their own. Our students are developing understandings that every action is chosen, consequences occur because of their actions. In the classroom students strive for quality in their work. Our students have identify quality work and verbalise why they believe it is so. Celebration of quality work occurs at our Friday afternoon assemblies.

The central focus of the school is to provide students with sound and challenging experiences in a secure and supportive environment. The school promotes the principles of equity and access by providing a wide range of curriculum opportunities and extracurricular activities. Through the encouragement of independent learning, students develop a sense of worth and are confident in attaining success in all their endeavours. The five main values that are emphasised in everything we do are; Care, Respect, Commitment, Responsibility and Inclusiveness. These values underpin and define our school culture. It has a direct impact on building resilience, social, emotional and academic outcomes for all of our students.

There is a family atmosphere and a feeling of belonging in the school community. The school is proud of its parental support and involvement, with active participation in all aspects of the school functions including School Council, educational programs, fundraising, grounds maintenance, school camps and excursions, annual concert and social activities.