Chaplaincy Program

Eagle Point is fortunate to have a school chaplain as a part of our wellbeing team. The Chaplain at our school is funded through the Australian Governments National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.

Chaplaincy is a unique service that is of great value to our students, staff and parents, offering care, building the social skills of students, and encouraging responsible behaviour amongst our young people. As part of our Chaplaincy Program our chaplain attends school excursions, camps, sporting events and assemblies. Student engagement in this Program is of a voluntary nature.

Each year our school council seeks feedback from our school community in order to enable us to review and confirm support for the Program. We also maintain a risk management plan which is reviewed. School procedures are followed for parents and students to seek referral, manage complaints and to opt out of the Program.

Geoff Pegler- Chaplain Eagle Point Primary School

It is my privilege to be the current Chaplain at Eagle Point Primary School. My background in Chaplaincy, has been with various industries and emergency service groups. I have been in these roles for nearly 20 years and have experience in general welfare areas as well as trauma response. I have also been employed in school camping programs as well as several church based children’s programs.

It is a joy to be able to work across the school community from classroom activities, clubs, breakfast programs and more. I also enjoy being involved with families at Playgroup and Parents group. In my role, I am able to provide support to individual students with parent consent. Currently I am at the school on Monday and Fridays.

My office is in the Cottage near the front of the school. Please come in and say hello!