Eagle Point Primary School relies heavily on parental and community support for all facets of its operation. Parents and the community are actively involved and concerned with policy development at the school and in its implementation. As well, through various fundraising ventures, they support the continued development of the school in terms of equipment and facilities.

Parents and local community members are invited and encouraged to participate in all functions at the school and to be active members of our three support groups.

These are: -Eagle Point Community Group/Parents Club -Special Friends -School Council


This is better known as the Parent Club. The Parent Club becomes involved in supporting the school in a variety of ways.

One of the main functions is to support the school through assisting with various activities and fund raising. Fundraising has been a major component over the past years as funds were needed for the new school.

The Parents Club also assist the school in providing support for special days and events. An example of what they do is to prepare and provide lunch meals for students on special days. The Parents Club often work hand in hand with the Junior School Council.

Fundraising often focuses on one major event in the year and smaller community events throughout the year. These have been the annual Auction and Fair in November and smaller community events such as Movie night. Each year there is an opportunity to reflect on what fundraisers will be offered in that year.

Eagle Point Community Group meetings are held on a regular basis, usually on a Friday afternoon in the old school building. We encourage all parents to become involved in this group as they play a very significant role in our school community.


  Eagle Point Primary School runs a special program to support some of the students at our school. Volunteers from our local community become involved in working with identified students on a one to one basis for approximately one hour per week. The aim of the program is to develop positive self esteem for the children involved, where they have a ‘special friend’ to do activities with, have a positive mentor to assist the children in making links to our local community. At this stage we have ten such volunteers and are looking to increase this program in the future. Please contact the school if you are interested in becoming a special friend.


The School Council consists of 9 members, the composition of which is as follows:

  • 5 PARENT REPRESENTATIVES These representatives are elected for a term of two years. Half of these positions become vacant in March of each year.
  • 2 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION & EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT REPRESENTATIVES These representatives are elected for a term of two years and must be employees of the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development.

Regular meetings are conducted at the school, a minimum of two per term. Upcoming meetings are announced in the school newsletter. All parents and friends of the school are welcome to attend meetings. The Eagle Point Primary School Council operates under the School Councils Act of 1975 and adheres to the Constitution thereof.